Brooklyn, NY

Ixchel Prisma 

Ixchel Prisma is a life long vocalist, song writer, performer and sound healer who brings beauty and vibrancy through her music. She is an independent artist dedicated to bringing uplifting and high vibrational music to the world.

The music she creates is designed with the intention to inspire inspiration, healing, transformation, and expansion. Subtle electronic sounds and acoustic instrumentals are blended together with uplifting lyrics, wide ranging vocals, and poetry, submerging listeners into a full spectrum experience…Leaving your heart blasted wide open…

Writing and music have been deep passions for Ixchel since she was a child. The majority of Ixchel’s material is original writing and composition, and is inspired by her walk in this life.
Some of her songs were written in the midst of loss and despair, others in the peaks of ecstasy and breakthrough. Others are the deepest prayers for what she wishes too see come to fruition. In all cases, her music speaks to the many aspects of the human experience, and cater to the journey of the soul’s awakening.


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