At the core of Ecstatic Medicine we believe music and dance are medicine, and we utilize these as key components in cultivating community, healing and celebration! We will enjoy daily outdoor ecstatic dances, surrounded by lush nature, with some of the best DJs and music producers around. Each ecstatic dance will be followed by medicine music and sound healing.

Experience 2

Brian Hartman

Nevada City, CA

Experience 3


Santa Cruz, CA

Experience 4

Giselle world

Miami, FL

Experience 5

Shamans Dream

Pahoa, HI / Nevada City, CA

Experience 6

Sol lua

Los Angeles, CA

Experience 7


Sedona, AZ

Experience 8

dj Dakini

San Fransisco, CA

Experience 9

Jerry Walsh

Brooklyn, NY

Experience 10

Ixchel Prisma

Brooklyn, NY

Experience 11


Nevada City, CA

Experience 12

Scarlett De La Torre

Marin, CA


Ceremony & prayer is a core part of Ecstatic Medicine. Each day of the retreat we will work with a different element as we move through the medicine wheel, and there will be a short and potent interactive ceremony each afternoon, accompanied by sacred music, where we will have the opportunity to work directly with the elements and be empowered to call in prayers for our lives, let go of what is not serving us, as well as our prayers for the earth.
DAY 1 – Opening Ceremony (Air)
DAY 2 – Fire Ceremony
DAY 3 – Water Ceremony
DAY 4 – Earth Ceremony
DAY 5 – Closing Ceremony

In addition to the daily elemental prayers, we will also be offering cacao ceremonies and heat purification rituals.

Experience 13

Cacao Ceremony

Experience 14

Fire Ceremony

Experience 15

Water Ceremony

Experience 16

Earth Ceremony


We are excited to be offering learning experiences at Ecstatic Medicine. Receive the opportunity to learn sacred medicine songs and the significance and culture behind them, fundamentals of tuvan throat singing, rattle techniques, as well as contact dance workshops.

Experience 17

Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music

Giselle World

Experience 9

Tuvan Throat Singing

Jerry Walsh

Experience 19

Contact Dance


Experience 20

pranassage thai yoga massage



Let thy food be thy medicine! Prayerful Pearings will be catering Ecstatic Medicine, providing 3 delicious & nutritious organic vegan meals a day.

Experience 21
Experience 22
Experience 23
Experience 24


During the retreat we will engage in daily practice of yoga & meditation, guided by our experienced and loving teachers. Cultivating these practices connects us deeper to our bodies, breath, heart and mind.  Yoga classes will be suitable for all levels!

Experience 25

Acro Yoga

Kendal White

Experience 26

Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga

Ashley Keith

Experience 27

Kundalini Yoga

Emberlie Ardas Loveray

Experience 28

Guided Meditation

Jerry Walsh

Experience 29


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