Ecstatic Medicine

Ecstatic Medicine is an ecstatic dance & yoga retreat, based in Northern California.

The Ecstatic Medicine experience bridges daily ecstatic dance journeys, yoga, sound healing, medicine music, meditation, nature, vibrant community and healing traditions & prayers for personal and collective transformation.

Join us this September 20 – 24, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, at a private retreat centre with a pool, hot tubs, infrared sauna, redwood forest, bamboo grove and succulent gardens designed to support healing, evolution and positive growth.

We intend to create an intimate container with less than 100 people, perfect for connecting to your soul family and forging long lasting connections, as well as allowing for deep personal growth.


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Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music Workshop

Hosted By Giselle World

Medicine songs are any music shared with the intention of being medicine for the mind, body, and soul. Icaros or medicine chants are beyond music, and are songs used in plant medicine ceremonies to induce deep healing, invoke the spirit of the jungle, and expand awareness. There will be  some introduction to plant medicine ceremony, the ritual behind it and share about what kind of songs are appropriate for different moments. There will also be sharing about the native culture and language from Mexico, and some of the tribes of the Amazon, as well as practicing some rattle techniques, basic harmonies and learning chants & icaros.

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Tuvan Throat Singing

Hosted by Jerry Walsh

This workshop will cover the techniques required to create the four fundamental styles of Tuvan throat singing and basic overtone singing:

What is Tuvan throat singing? Tuvan throat singing is an ancient style of singing from the tiny Russian republic, Tuva, which creates otherworldly harmonic overtones over a droning vocalization.

This workshop will be a methodical singing lesson where participants will be guided through a step-by-step method to generate harmonic overtones and experiment with each style of throat singing both in a group and individually.

The method presented in this workshop does not require any previous experience or any knowledge of singing. This is a great class for anyone desiring to express themselves vocally while exploring the voice and learning a non-western style of singing that predates human language.









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